Vivo Aqua Shoes Have Ruined My Life

The controversial blog post title is not our desperate attempt to grab your attention. It’s actually how Peter started out his comment on our post about Vivo Barefoot Shoes: Customer Service and Concerns. Actually, that’s not 100 percent correct either. His comment started out “Warning.” Should you be scared? Read on and judge for yourself.

Peter’s full confession on how Vivo Barefoot Aqua shoes ruined his life is as follows:


Vivo Aqua shoes have ruined my life.

My foot is permanently damaged now as a result of running in these shoes. I can no longer run. I can no longer even walk without limping. It keeps me awake at night. I have been to several doctors, had x-rays, ultrasounds and finally an MRI. Still haven’t got to the bottom of it officially. But it all started after one run with these shoes.

I had them a month before I ran in them. A week spent just wearing them around the house. Then a couple of weeks wearing them occasionally walking to the shops etc. Finally a short run. Next day – pain.

18 months later still pain.

Anyone tempted, be tempted like I was.. but be aware there is a least one person out there with feet that should never have graced these shoes. How much do you value your feet ??


There you have it. Peter had his Aqua shoes for one month. In that one month he walked around the house in them and went shopping in them. None of that caused him any pain. However, after only one run his life was dramatically altered. He’s now had to live with 18 months of pain. It’s hard to say if it was the shoes or something else, but it’s clear that Peter is not a happy camper and blames the Vivobarefoot for his foot pain.