Vivo Aqua Shoes Have Ruined My Life

The controversial blog post title is not our desperate attempt to grab your attention. It’s actually how Peter started out his comment on our post about Vivo Barefoot Shoes: Customer Service and Concerns. Actually, that’s not 100 percent correct either. His comment started out “Warning.” Should you be scared? Read on and judge for yourself.

Peter’s full confession on how Vivo Barefoot Aqua shoes ruined his life is as follows:


Vivo Aqua shoes have ruined my life.

My foot is permanently damaged now as a result of running in these shoes. I can no longer run. I can no longer even walk without limping. It keeps me awake at night. I have been to several doctors, had x-rays, ultrasounds and finally an MRI. Still haven’t got to the bottom of it officially. But it all started after one run with these shoes.

I had them a month before I ran in them. A week spent just wearing them around the house. Then a couple of weeks wearing them occasionally walking to the shops etc. Finally a short run. Next day – pain.

18 months later still pain.

Anyone tempted, be tempted like I was.. but be aware there is a least one person out there with feet that should never have graced these shoes. How much do you value your feet ??


There you have it. Peter had his Aqua shoes for one month. In that one month he walked around the house in them and went shopping in them. None of that caused him any pain. However, after only one run his life was dramatically altered. He’s now had to live with 18 months of pain. It’s hard to say if it was the shoes or something else, but it’s clear that Peter is not a happy camper and blames the Vivobarefoot for his foot pain.

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  1. Guys – this may not be surprising and was eventually going to happen. I am going out on a limb here and guessing that before this barefoot movement everyone was wearing the shoes the industry said was best – supportive/ motion control / high heel wedge etc.. The muscles and skeletal structure adapt to this environment and the muscles atrophy as their dependence increases. Now you take a weak foot (weakened from decades of shoe wear) and think that your structure can run barefoot or in minimal shoes – just because you bought them. There are a lot of people who really need to wake up – yes get rid of the shoes that caused the muscle atrophy – by all means – this is the smart thing to do. But now you need to slowly transition into your minimal shoes. It took decades to screw up your feet, it’s going to take more than a few weeks to reverse all of the damage you have done. To transition safely you need to make special efforts to pre-stregthen your feet, either get some biofeedback insoles that will do this in your daily shoes or spend them time doing some exercises. All of the minimal companies need to be aware that this has probably happened to thousands of people and in the land of product liability this has to be a concern. For the consumer – wake up and use some common sense. – for the retailer – wake up and provide some education. At the end of the day I would agree that getting rid of the structured shoe sis a good idea, but you need to be smart and use some common sense in making the transition. If done properly the end result will be a happier, healthier foot and body.

  2. This is truly unfortunate that your running in VIVOBAREFOOT Aqua’s has caused this sort of response. On the other side – the Aqua has reportedly changed people’s lives in a positive manner as well, so please don’t be completely discouraged. The Aqua is actually a style personally recommended by the world’s best barefoot running coach, Lee Saxby. VIVOBAREFOOT takes pride in their partnerships with leading experts in the health industry to assist in design and review their products. VIVOBAREFOOT has worked with podiatrists, chiropractors, researchers, coaches etc, and have received positive feedback on the super lightweight and flexible, Aqua.

    VIVOBAREFOOT encourages everyone to visit their site and check out the “Barefoot” section in particular. This focuses on overall consumer education for the research and education on transitioning to a barefoot/minimalist lifestyle. Take a look more specifically for information on training, transitioning, and barefoot tips from Lee Saxby: These can help prevent problems or future injuries in VIVOBAREFOOT or any minimalist product.

  3. Ditto D Patterson. It’s unfortunate that Peter has had this awful experience with barefoot running. I don’t believe it was the shoes that caused his pain. This would’ve likely happened to him in any of the barefoot/minimalist shoes. A lifetime of shoe-wearing causes changes to our musculature and skeletal structure, from the tiniest bones in our feet all the way to our cervical spine. To suddenly switch to a barefoot lifestyle will have consequences. I have a pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes (not runners) and it took a full summer of wear to get my muscles used to the shoes. I have problem feet, multiple surgeries, fused joints, etc. Vivo Barefoot shoes have changed my life for the better, I am even considering trying to run again – in Vivo Barefoot shoes. However, having never run barefoot, I will do my research and start slowly, as anyone making this transition should. I’m sorry for Peter’s experience. It definitely feels like your life is ruined when you are in constant pain. I hope he will eventually heal and get back to an active lifestyle.

  4. As an Orthopedic professional we see a lot of these patients. When all of the testing is negative and the pain continues. Usually, and in Peter’s case, the symptoms are generated about 5 feet above the problem. I am an avid runner and ultra-marathoner. I have live through almost every over use injury known to man. Since a slow progression to barefoot running all of my over use problems have dropped by the wayside. The key to any change in activity is a slow progression.


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