Vivo Barefoot Shoe Review: The Aqua Versus The Oak


Vivo Barefoot Shoes are shoes that have recently been popular due to the unique fashion sense, health benefits and comfort they have been known to provided. It is the revolutionary, back to basics design based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the best way to be.

Vivo Barefoot shoes have a thin puncture resistant sole which allows your feet to be close to the ground and can help strengthen muscles in your feet, realign your natural posture, stimulate sensory perception and flexes your feet as designed by nature. Before wearing your Vivo Barefoot shoes all day, you may need to break them in a bit so you won’t get too sore.

The video below compares the Vivo Barefoot Aqua’s and the Vivo Barefoot Oak shoes. For a summary of the video, scroll down to the bottom.

This video is about the comparison of two Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot shoes, the Oak and the Aqua. The video states that the Oak is more of a moccasin shape while the Aqua is more of a traditional pair of sneakers. Aquas have more padding around the back that make it thicker yet still remain comfortable. Oaks have elastic material at the back. Oaks have 4.5mm sole and the Aqua has 3mm sole. The Oak have lugging that is a bit deeper and occupy most of the sole.

Aquas have little curves and a solid 3mm sole. The Vivo Barefoot Aquas are less flexible than the Oaks even though it has a lighter sole. Both Vivo Barefoot shoes have thin insoles in general. The Oaks laces are hard and waxy while the Aquas have a traditional lace. Both shoes are a bit wider and generally more comfortable throughout the toes when compared to traditional shoes and sneakers. The soft back of the oak makes it easy to fit. The Oaks are more light weight and flexible. Both Vivo Barefoot shoes are excellently constructed and well worth the price in the eyes of the reviewer.

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