Vivo Barefoot Shoes: Customer Service and Concerns


At Barefoot Running Shoes, we recieve many reviews about the quality of the shoes, many positives and negatives. Sometimes we receive feedback that we feel could be useful to the community as a whole. We received a comment from one of our readers, Jason, about our Vivo Barefoot Shoes. He ran into some conflicts when trying to purchase shoes online and through certain stores and after reading our Vivo Barefoot introduction, he decided to comment on it. If you had similar experiences, please feel free to drop us a message at our email address. Here’s the comment, thanks Jason!

Jason says:

Nice overview of the shoes.

I wanted to give a head’s up to anyone who is considering ordering a set of EVO’s…I am in the middle of a bad experience and I wish someone would have given me the ‘head’s up’, so I wanted to do so for you.

I ordered a pair of EVO’s. It turns out they are sized big, so I needed a smaller size than my normal shoe. I returned the shoe for the correct size and they are so popular that they are out of stock in most sizes. The new ones are not to be delivered to them until the middle of July at the earliest.

The biggest bummer, however, is that the store will not refund the order and does not have any in stock. They only offer a store credit. Here’s the deal, the ‘web’ store lists their return policy as eligible for refunds if the shoes are not worn. (Check. I didn’t wear them.)

I knew these shoes were popular, so when I ordered, I called the phone number provided on the Terra Plana webstore to make sure they were in stock when I ordered. Phil was happy to take the order.

Here’s where it gets tricky, the phone number on the website calls the New York Store directly (without making any kind of distinction between the “web” store and the “New York” store). When Terra Plana shipped the shoes to me they were marked as from the “New York” store, and not the “Web” store, and they stamped on the receipt that they were not eligible for a return, only credit.

Then it got really complicated. They cannot exchange my shoes for the correct size because they don’t have any. They will not refund the purchase because it is against store policy. End result…I have to wait another 10 weeks minimum to get a pair of these (and I’ve already waits 3 weeks trying to get this worked out)

So I am out of my new running shoes and shipping both to me and back to Terra Plana (an extra $22), and then I have to pay shipping a third time for the Correct shoes (another $12) after they arrive sometime in July.

If you are like me and don’t have $175 (and another $30 or so in shipping) sitting around to be held up most of the running season, try to order a smaller size/or at lease ask if they have they next smaller size available. If not, you may get into a bind where you will have to wait a few months just like me.

This sucks because I have heard so many good things about the company. I just cannot believe they are being zoo stubborn. I’ve even emailed (and received responses from) Sabra, the US Director, and they just don’t seem to care.

Like I said at the beginning, I wish someone would have tipped me off about this so that I would not be in this position. Order carefully!


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  1. I ordered a pair of Terra Plana shoes and had to return them too. I received my refund 7 days after they received them. The phone number on the website, has an option to chose for web orders, but I could never get anyone to call me back. It was all email. I was happy with the service though. They said it took so long because they had a huge volume? Huge volume of returns scared me off from ordering any others from them

  2. dude i hate those shenanigans. i think it’s clear the first store broke their legal agreement to accept returns. i would do a chargeback next time and file a complain with the bbb

  3. Why don’t they make the Vivo Barefoot shoes pictured (the 2-strap green and brown shoes on the home page) for women? I like this color combination best.

    What is the difference in size, or is that the only difference. I wear an 8-1/2 size med to wide woman’s shoe. Would a small man’s size fit? Any reason not to buy a man’s size?


  4. WARNING !!!!

    Vivo Aqua shoes have ruined my life.

    My foot is permanently damaged now as a result of running in these shoes. I can no longer run. I can no longer even walk without limping. It keeps me awake at night. I have been to several doctors, had x-rays, ultrasounds and finally an MRI. Still haven’t got to the bottom of it officially. But it all started after one run with these shoes.

    I had them a month before I ran in them. A week spent just wearing them around the house. Then a couple of weeks wearing them occasionally walking to the shops etc. Finally a short run. Next day – pain.

    18 months later still pain.

    Anyone tempted, be tempted like I was.. but be aware there is a least one person out there with feet that should never have graced these shoes. How much do you value your feet ??


  5. I have left several messages and emails with the company and I have not seen the 163 Dollar shoes I have paid for yet, is been a month already! I would really like for someone to let me know what the status of my purchased is. I will really appreciate if someone can advice me as to how I can go about to get the company to respond. Thank you in advance!


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