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Terra Plana’s latest and hottest shoes are the VivoBarefoot. These shoes, with choices of classic, modern styled and colorful designed patterns, boast not only great fashion sense, but comfort. Their ecologically friendly and non generic production of the shoes also makes them a favorite of the “green” and eco-friendly movement. Their “barefoot” title comes from the ultra thin yet durable protective sole that the shoes have.

Vivo Barefoot Evo II is VivoBarefoot’s running shoes. It features an ultra thin puncture resistant and highly flexible 4mm sole with a slim anatomic last and sucked out arch. The Evo II gives you optimum barefoot performance as well as the comfort and breathability that your feet need. Its nylon uppers make it water resistant. Couple it with a lycra lining and you have the perfect winter running shoes! So let your feet move like how it is supposed to move with Evo II!

NOTE: These shoes are a little small so it is best to order a size that is larger than usual.

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Vivo Barefoot Evo II Mens Testimonials

runningfiddlerSo yeah, this shoe is pretty awesome.
It has:
1. A very flexible sole and overall is very flexible.
2. Is water resistant and great for winter running. Also good for all year around.
3. Is Zero drop. Completely.
4. Has a tough fabric.
5. Has a little extra cushion for those who need it. If not, you can take out the insole and ground feel increases quite a bit.
6. Has no support, yet hugs your foot in a nice way.
7. Has a wide toe box/forefoot area which allows for toe splay.
I can’t say enough about how great this shoe is. I wish it was a little lighter, but this is a shoe I use for workouts and training, not racing, so in reality the weight is probably good.
grumpymushroom KansasAfter buying another TP shoe for casual wear (The Yukon) and finding it a little small, I was hesitant to buy the Evo II. I shouldn’t have worried, its a great shoe.
The whole shoe is very flexible, they are smart enough for my workplace, water resistant and very comfortable. I wear with the insole in as I found it too roomy without, but even so, theres reasonable ground feel, probably similar to my Bikila’s.
My only complaint is that I’ve found them a little slippy on mud or wet snow so I wouldn’t use them to walk the tougher trails. Light trekking would be fine.
These are my everyday shoes and I’m rarely out of them.

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