Vivo Barefoot Belle Womens

Product Description

Terra Plana’s latest and hottest shoes are the VivoBarefoot. These shoes, with choices of classic, modern styled and colorful designed patterns, boast not only great fashion sense, but comfort. Their ecologically friendly and non generic production of the shoes also makes them a favorite of the “green” and eco-friendly movement. Their “barefoot” title comes from the ultra thin yet durable protective sole that the shoes have.

The highly stylish yet sensible Vivo Barefoot Belle boots is great for both the high street and off roads. These may look like fashionable low calf length boots with nubuck leather uppers but they sure were made for barefoot enthusiasts. It sports a 4.5mm recycled puncture resistant soles that are ultra flexible and specially designed for all sorts of terrain. It uses a 50% antibacterial lining that lessens odor. The Belle allows you to play with various looks with its pully system which likewise guarantees a perfect fit. What’s more, the Belle is also waterproof, breathable and so comfortable you would want to wear it every day!

Vivo Barefoot Belle – Women Testimonials

D. J. Slaughter “Dawn”, London, UK I have two pairs of the Vivo Barefoot lace up walking shoes and treated myself to the boots and they are just as comfortable. Great for using your whole foot to walk properly and no signs of blisters, which is great.

At first I was very sceptical of something so flat and with such a thin sole having been used to thick sole trainers or heeled shoes, but at weekends and commuting, I wear them all the time and not just for speed-walking. It’s like wearing soft leather gloves on your feet. Bliss!

Sunny looked fab but too small I’m a size 7 they fit me my daughter is a 9 so did not fit her
Orange Citrus My feet love my Belles. They stay warm and dry while splashing through puddles or trampling through snow, all while using barefoot mechanics. They are less flexible than my other Vivo Barefoot pairs at first, or my other ones are so flexible from being so broken in, it’s hard to tell.

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