Vivo Barefoot Compton Womens

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Product Description

Terra Plana’s latest and hottest shoes are the Vivo Barefoot. With choices of classic, modern styled and colorful designed patterns, these shoes boast not only great fashion sense, but comfort as well. Their ecologically friendly and non generic production makes them a favorite of the “green” and eco-friendly movement. Their “barefoot” title comes from the ultra thin yet durable protective sole that the shoes have.

The Vivo Barefoot Compton boot from Terra Plana will be a welcomed addition to your refined casual wardrobe.  However, not only will you be satisfied with the nice looking boot you just bought, but you’ll feet will be loving the investment you made.  Featuring a quality leather upper with minimal lines with a single zipper makes getting into the Compton easy.

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Vivo Barefoot Compton Reviews

Seavie Dre,

Inglewood, CA

Interesting Pair of Boots

These Compton Boots are an interesting pair.  They look like regular boots but they feel completely different.  They are a bit lighter and the feet section doesn’t feel like it’s weighing you down like other pairs of boots.  I don’t see how they really promote “barefoot walking” or “barefoot running” but I do see why they are popular. They are comfortable and look great.  The material is high quality and you can tell once you feel or wear it.

Melanie Y.,

Boston, MA


Ok ok, I’m one of those eco/environment vegetarians and I love what Terra Plana is doing for the environment.  Even with these Compton “leather boots” they did the world right by using high quality vegetable leather.  Some companies that make eco-friendly type of products also make pretty ugly ones. Terra Plana on the other hand make pretty good quality stuff.  They are a little pricier than the non eco-friendly counter parts but that is to be expected.

They have my full support!

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