Vivo Barefoot Dalston Womens

Product Description

Terra Plana’s latest and hottest shoes are the VivoBarefoot. These shoes, with choices of classic, modern styled and colorful designed patterns, boast not only great fashion sense, but comfort. Their ecologically friendly and non generic production of the shoes also makes them a favorite of the “green” and eco-friendly movement. Their “barefoot” title comes from the ultra thin yet durable protective sole that the shoes have.

No other shoes can give you the perfect urban street elegance than the Vivo Barefoot Dalston for women. Featuring the same eco-friendly characteristics, the Dalston’s upper makes use of Nubuck leather making it more durable and long lasting. The shoes’ 4mm soles are made of TPU and latex rubber giving them its elastic and abrasion resistance qualities. The insoles are similar to the other Vivo Barefoot shoes – 100% recycled memory foam that you can easily remove and wash. As expected, the Vivo Barefoot Dalston carries all the benefits of going barefoot with all the comfort and protection you would surely value.

Vivo Barefoot Dalston Womens Testimonials

Mel K. I love the fact that I can wear environment friendly shoes while enjoying Mother Nature at the same time with my feet! Not only that but I don’t have to endure curious stares from strangers. Now, that’s a relief!
MJ, Kansas Versatile and casual, these mid ankle boots were just what I was looking for!

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  1. I am looking for a pair of Vivo Barefoot Dalston Womens, which I have a pair of but that are now wearing out. You have these on your website. Do you still stock them, or know who does?




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