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Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot introduces their new addition to the women’s barefoot shoe collection. Feast your eyes on the Vivo Barefoot Dyan Women’s casual shoes! It boasts of the Vivo Barefoot’s commitment to provide cutting edge barefoot technology in lightweight casual footwear to create a must have women’s shoe. This barefoot shoe might be coined as “casual” however the Dyan shoe is more than that! Aside from giving you the benefits of barefoot walking or running, it is super fashionable. You can slip them on when you’re wearing jeans, shorts, skirts and even mini-dresses! The fashion limit is sky-high!

This women’s shoe marvel will sit your dainty feet on a 3mm puncture resistant sole that will allow you to walk as if you’re on soft grass or any surface without having to be wary of stubbing your feet. Vivo Barefoot technology knows the importance of freeing your feet so they made the Vivo Barefoot Dyan soles super flexible to allow your feet to work and walk as designed. The Memory foam feature is lightweight, shock absorbing and breathable boosting the Vivo Barefoot Dyan shoes’ comfort ability. It is odour resistant so your feet always feels and smells fresh!

What truly makes the Vivo Barefoot Dyan Women’s unique is the side stitching made by a special machine to make sure the upper of the Vivo Barefoot Dyan shoe sits in a very safe cup. This gives you the perfect snug fit to your delicate feet. Vivo technology uses stitching in almost all of their products reducing the use of glue in manufacturing. The lesser glue, the softer and pliable these Vivo Barefoot Women shoes are. Vivo Barefoot uses almost all recycled materials to help the environment. The innovative approach to minimalism, comfort and health truly makes the Vivo Barefoot Dyan casual shoes nothing short of amazing!

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Vivo Barefoot Dyan Reviews


San Diego, CA

Makes my feet feel extraordinary. I love it!
The shoe looks simple but makes my feet feel extraordinary. I like how soft yet secure they are on my feet. I can walk and go anywhere with casual ease and comfort. I love it!


I wear it almost every day!
They just look great regardless of how I casually dress up. One other thing I love about Vivo Dyan is that it’s so breathable. I hate to admit it but my feet sweat easily, but with Dyan, I hardly feet sweaty at all!

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