Vivo Barefoot Hackney Womens

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Product Description

Terra Plana’s latest and hottest shoes are the Vivo Barefoot. With choices of classic, modern styled and colorful designed patterns, these shoes boast not only great fashion sense, but comfort as well. Their ecologically friendly and non generic production makes them a favorite of the “green” and eco-friendly movement. Their “barefoot” title comes from the ultra thin yet durable protective sole that the shoes have.

The Hackney Vivo Barefoot shoe is not for everyone.  It’s really only for women on the cutting edge of fashion and who like to live life on the edge.  The soul of the Hackney is all barefoot shoe, but on the outside its all about trend setting.  If you think you’ve got it then you need to “rock” this shoe.

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Vivo Barefoot Hackney Reviews


Long Beach, CA

Just Had to Get Em

It’s a bit weird but I’m actually a shoe enthusiast and I am a girl.  I’m into the colorful style of shoes out there that are bit unique.  I like the mainstream popular styles of the Nike’s and other celebrity sponsored shoes like Kanye’s and Kobes.  But when I first read about Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot I had to check them out.  The Vivo Barefoot Hackney’s definitely fit the type of shoes I like sporting.  They had a mix of suede and other material and also colors that were very appealing to me.

They were also very comfortable although I probably will not be wearing them often.  I like sporting shoes like these for special occasions. I’m not 100% sure if I would have bought them if they weren’t a one time season only type of deal but I really do not regret buying them.  I think if they do become more popular, they were extend this “limited time” edition b.s.


Atlanta, GA

Oooo the Colors

I was lured into buying this shoe plainly because of the cool color scheme and comfortable fit.  I like the purple and pinkish colors on the shoe.  I wasn’t too big a fan of the plain black ones but I can see why guys might want to check them out.

Problem is they do get dirty fast, it might be because I wear them maybe 4 times a week.

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