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Terra Plana introduces its new spring 2010 Vivo Barefoot Isis shoes for women. At first glance, you might think it’s just one of those ordinary pumps or closed shoes, but it isn’t. The dainty barefoot shoe is super packed with the same innovation that makes Vivo Barefoot stand out.

Made with the TPU abrasion resistant sole with a Duratex puncture resistant layer, the Isis Women’s shoes might look fragile but it is very durable. The genuine side stitch doesn’t only give the Vivo Barefoot Isis a nice unique design; it also maximizes the shoe’s comfort ability. It is light weight with only 3mm thin soles that keep your feet from the ground. All of these innovative technology plus the healthy effects of walking barefoot make up the Vivo Barefoot Isis Women’s.

The spring collection boasts of different colours, from work friendly black to fresh pastels that are really appropriate for spring! You can wear them just about anywhere; in the office, grocery shopping and even line dancing! The comfort memory breathable foam is shock absorbing and contains no chrome. Most especially, the Vivo Barefoot Isis Women’s is very chic! A lot of women will be drawn to its elegant look which means that a lot of people will get the health benefits of walking barefoot without having to disregard style and sophistication. This really makes Vivo Barefoot Isis the “IT” versatile shoe.

Go and grab one now! You know you’ll never go wrong with Vivo Barefoot Women’s collection.

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Vivo Barefoot Isis Reviews



Beautiful and of high quality.
Beautiful, simple yet elegant, very good quality. But size 5 is easily one size too big for me – and I always buy size 5 or 38.

Fayetteville, GA

Excellent and comfortable shoes!
I am so happy that I bought Terra Plana’s Isis. They are an excellent pair of shoes. They’re so comfy that I like to wear them a lot. Plus, the Isis works perfectly for me during my yoga workouts.

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