Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho Trail Review: 5 Reasons this Barefoot Shoe is a Good Buy

In our Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho Trail Review we found many reasons this barefoot running shoe makes a great training shoe. Vivobarefoot has made a trail shoe that is definitely minimalist and trail friendly. This shoe is touted as lightweight and high performing. While not the lightest shoe on the market, it still has some great features that make it worth a look. What’s to like about it?

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1. The Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho Trail shoe is a sleek and lean entry in the barefoot market. It has minimal features to be lightweight and functional. If you are going to be wearing a shoe, it should look nice along with functioning well. This shoe comes in several color options and is not bulky or wide looking.

2. The Breatho has a zero drop. This means there is no difference in the height of the shoe from the toe to the heel. This makes it a minimalist shoe with little cushion to get in the way of your run.

3. The Breatho has a light, breathable, stretchy upper. This is not only great for water, because it drains well, it is also vegan friendly. Everything in the shoe is synthetic. The upper also has a nice gusseted tongue which keeps out debris from the trail. The lacing is a zigzag lace-lock structure to keep the laces in place while your foot moves. Some runners did note that the laces tended to come untied fairly easily but this can be solved with a good double knot.

4. There is also an anatomical toe box that allows the toes to splay naturally which is a nice feature of a minimalist shoe. The foot isn’t molded into the shape of the shoe, rather the shoe fits to your foot. As with any minimalist shoe, if you have not worn them before, you should be careful to transition slowly into them to let your muscles build up to the different fit. This helps avoid injuries common to transitioning into minimalist shoes. The inside of the shoe is fairly smooth so you can wear them with or without socks.

5. The reason the Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho Trail shoes are called trail shoes is because of the multi-directional lugs. These lugs grip rough trail and help you keep your footing. However, there is no built in rock plate. This is a useful feature on many shoes. The aggressive lugs do offer lots of traction and some resistance to rocks and rough terrain. The downside is all the traction means you pick up a lot of dirt or debris on flat, non trail surfaces. But the flexibility of the shoe should make them easy to clean.

Buy Now: Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho (Free Amazon Shipping)

The Vivobarefoot Women’s Breatho is a nice option for the runner looking for a minimalist shoe that can take to the trail. The downsides are the lack of rock plate, the tricky lacing and tricky sizing. Be sure to check the suggestions on sizing before ordering because they are sized using European measuring.