Deodorizing Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

One issue that arises when using Vibram Five Fingers is the obvious fact that they will stink! It’s almost guaranteed. Like most dirty sneakers they can smell. They can smell even worse than sneakers and can be difficult to clean because of the little nooks and crannies that make up the toe fingers of the foot. A couple tips that could help are in this video below regarding cleaning and washing the shoe.

I personally suggest washing the shoe more or less once a week depending on the frequency of use. Many people I talk to wear them day in and day out so they can really stink. You can also use deodorizers to help get rid of the smell. Some people also suggest leaving them in the pool to let the chlorine handle killing the bacteria that causes the odor and then washing it afterwards.

For me, I find that using shoe deodorizers is the most effective way to get rid of the stink. Penguin and New Balance make some popular brands.

Watch the video for more tips about the Vibram Five Fingers cleaning process.

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