Zem Comfort Round Toe Low

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ZEMgear has finally given barefoot a whole new meaning. The new ZEM Comfort Round Toe Low is now a certified traveler must have! ZEM Comfort’s Original Traveler shoes are Comfort Round Toe shoes that give travellers the comfort of having a roomy toe box wherein your feet can be flexible, comfortable and can articulate more. It’s like wearing only your socks during travel time and not having to remove as single thing during TSA inspections.

Truly, this type of ZEM Comfort Round Toe Low eliminates the hassles of travelling and going through airport security. The ZEM unique tech band design helps transform these sole-less pair of shoes into ballerina slipper or simple flats. You don’t even have to take them off. You just slip inside the ZEM Comfort’s removable carbon insole and get instant lift, supports and a heel patch that gives extra cushioning.

As with all ZEM products, the ZEM Comfort Round Toe Low is also well designed with the 4 way stretch Lycra uppers that truly can accommodate a variety of foot shaped because it is formfitting. This ensures that your feet is protected and is safely and comfortable covered during travels. Also, it has the unique construction of ZEMgear’s technical innovations. Thus, it allows the foot complete agility and the freedom to be used that way they are intended by nature. You can literally travel on foot without having to get your feet dirtied.

The ZEM Comfort Round Toe Low has moulded high-frequency Tech Bands that go across the top area of the foot. This helps keep the shoe in place whether you are running to catch a flight or just walking leisurely around your destination. It is designed to flex with the natural movement of the foot and provide ultimate stability. Truly, this will make a good gift for the coming holidays, especially for those who have love for travelling.

Zem Comfort Round Toe Low Testimonials

Elaine P.,

avid traveller

No hassle, comfortable shoes

It sure does take the hassle of having to take off a pair of really bulky shoes during the long queue during airport inspections. I can’t believe I breezed through. I just took out the comfortable insole padding and slipped through… It’s a time saver!.

Blake W.,


Comfortable sock-shoes

At first my friends were laughing because it looked like I was wearing socks all the way to the terminal. I pulled out the comfortable insoles and slipped it inside (hassle free, mind you!) and showed them how I am now in comfortable shoes. Suffice to say, they were donning the same “socks” the next time we travelled!

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