Zem Ninja Split Toe High Black Blue

Product Description

The latest in barefoot innovation is taken a step higher by ZEMgear as they create their Performance Protection for Bare Feet. The ZEM allow your feet the freedom to do what they are meant to do in their best natural barefoot state. One of their popular products is the ZEMbooties Split Toe High. While wearing ZEM, you can spread and flex all parts of your foot without hindering one area or another. The shoes boast of advance technology that keeps the feet securely in place.

The Split Toe High separates the big toe from the other four digits of your foot. This enables complete flexibility and can make you get a good grip for your foot. The separation naturally propels the body forward while the remaining toes create the balance. It is ideal for sand and water sports but is much better than ordinary water shoes because it keeps the sand out at the same time it adds traction for activities such as kayaking or stand up paddle boards.

Like all ZEMgear footwear, the Split Toe High is made out of 4-way stretch Lycra uppers and soft moulded rubber bottoms that allow foot to move with complete freedom. It bears the signature 6 unique high-frequency tech bands that are welded across the top of the foot to keep the shoe in place. The ZEMgear’s technical innovations allow for complete foot agility. The breathable mesh comfort helps avoid blisters or rubs when spending the whole day at the beach!

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Zem Ninja Split Toe High Testimonials

Holly McPeak,

Three-time U.S. Beach Volleyball Olympian

Most comfortable and easy to move in

I am not one to wear sand socks very often because they are hard to move in but these new ZEMgear sand socks (ZEMbOOties) with the split toe are the most comfortable (type of) sand socks that I have tried and they are easier to move in the sand!

Tom Vachet,

Elite Performance Management, Inc.

Great product, great features, incomparable

They are a great product for barefoot training: they are light-weight, they are comfortable, they provide stability and traction. There is nothing else in the market that compares with ZEM.

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