Zem Playa Round Toe High Black

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Barefoot running has gotten a leg up. ZEMgear introduces their creation Performance Protection for Bare Feet that can really take you to a Zone of Endless Motion. They have created ZEMbooties that can assist your feet to do what they are made to do naturally. One of the top designs of the ZEMbooties collection is the Round Toe High.

The Round Toe High offers total foot freedom in a 5 toe compartment and covers you up to your ankle. It is unlike the Split Toe where in you are wearing ninja like ZEMgear that separates the big toe from the other digits. The stretchable toe box that this ZEM Round Toe provides allows your toes to move without restraint. While wearing it, whether on the sandy beach, in the middle of a water sport activity or even in just plain day to day activity as going to the market you can spread, flex and make your toes and foot comfortable as if you were walking bare foot or at a natural state.

Although the ZEM Round Toe look a lot like socks, the shoe is actually equipped with an Outsole with traction lugs. The ZEM innovation has a soft moulded rubber bottom that provides ultimate grip for many surfaces. This will secure your footing when you need it.

The ZEM products all have unique high frequency tech-band support that is placed across the top to help secure the foot during activity and play. These bands are designed to flex along with the natural movement of the foot to provide stability and ultimate comfort in any athletic or even just plain day to day activities.

This shoe is also designed to stretch wide enough for you to ease your foot in easily but can be tightly fitted securely around the lower leg to keep dirt, sand or any debris out. Most people use this ZEM Round Toe High for their travels too. It might look like you’re wearing only a pair of socks but there is a plus side to that. You might not be asked to take off your shoes during security checks!

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Zem Playa Round Toe High Testimonials

Jessica Lee,

President, Run Bare

My footwear of choice

It was really great to meet you and discover your GEM of a shoe. You’ll be happy to know it became my footwear of choice during the remainder of the conference/expo and I even wore them while traveling to Hawaii (Passed through TSA with flying colors!). They’ve been especially helpful in bringing down the swelling in my left foot. I’ll be testing them out on the beaches, hiking trails out here later this week and answering the questions of many curious onlookers.

Cedric Kleiser,

Club Med G.O.

I was very pleased with them!

I took out ZEMbOOties yesterday for a windsurfing ride and I was very pleased with them. They worked well in the foot straps, got a bunch of extra grip out of them, they won’t mess up my feet and they look cool!

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