Zem Playa Round Toe Low Black

Product Description

There is a new way to enjoy being barefoot without having to worry if it is appropriate for the beach, the airport or the casual stroll down the lane. ZEMgear introduces the ZEMbooties that are very comfortable and lightweight enough to be worn in any sporty or outdoor activity as well as versatile enough to be worn for travel or just lounging at home.

The ZEM Round Toe Low provides maximum comfort and space for all of your 5 toes to move and flex. It provides a stretchable toe box, much like a nice pair of comfortable socks would, which allows your toes to move without restraint. Spreading, flexing and articulating your toes for proper balance and stance during activities is a easy a slipping into this 4 way stretch Lycra uppers are formfitting without restraining your feet. It feels like second skin as well as it can accommodate a large variety of foot shapes while safely protecting and enclosing your feet.

The ZEM Round Toe Low is designed to stretch wide enough so that it can be easily worn. A high frequency tech-band that comes in different colors is placed across the top to secure the foot during movement. The bands are designed to flex along with how the feet naturally moves. This gives ultimate stability and comfort.

The ZEM Round Toe Low also has outsole tractions. These are soft moulded rubber bottoms that aids your feet in gripping a wide array of surfaces so you won’t have to worry about terrain every time you want to break out for a jog or a walk or biking. The moulded traction lugs have been added to secure footing whenever you need it. Truly, ZEM provides innovative world class bare feet solutions giving you all that you need and nothing that you don’t.

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Zem Playa Round Toe Low Testimonials:

L. Grendhal Eliminated discomfort from my foot!

I bought these to wear while using Wii balance board – with a simple insert they give my feet support and have eliminated some arch and ball of foot discomfort during and after exercise. NICE! I will be getting a second pair in aqua to go with my swim suit!.

Miro Bandalo Comfortable shoes, Elastic

I have really been satisfied with their comfort, but then again, I can also run trails barefoot, so obviously wearing these shoes might not cause discomfort to my feet compared to other people. Easy to slip on, feel like socks. I have not tested them in an athletic setting, but I assume your foot might move a bit in these shoes due to their elasticity.

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