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Imagine walking down the road or on the sandy beach without having to be encumbered by shoes. That’s exactly what ZEMbooties Split Toe Low can provide you with. The Split Toe Low is one of the great barefoot ideas from the makers of ZEMgear. It boasts of the same Zero Drop technology which allows your foot to glide, run and walk completely parallel to the ground. Combined with ZEMs distinctive design features and separating the big toe from the other smaller digits; it allows your foot complete flexibility and grip-ability to do whatever you love doing.

ZEMgear’s innovative technical approach allows complete foot agility and the freedom to use your feet the way they are meant to be used instinctively. The high frequency bands offer lateral support for its wearer hugging and protecting your feet without encumbering you with bulky shoes. The Split Toe Low is the shorter version of the Split Toe Hi and comes in different colors of black and silver, black and aqua or black and hot pink. This allows you to wear these ZEMbooties comfortably whether you are at home of outdoors.

The 4 way stretch Lycra upper material is ideal for any sport or healthy activities. It also provides an easy foot entry to whoever’s wearing it without having to worry whatever size it might be. The material is thick enough to offer warmth when needed yet it is breathable enough to wear for regions with warmer climates. You do not have to worry about it slipping from your foot. The secure top collar is designed for ultimate performance and is built to stretch wide enough for easy entry but it is tight enough to fit securely around the lower leg to keep your feet clean and safe from debris.

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Zem Ninja Split Toe Low Testimonials

Sinjin Smith,

Professional Beach Volleyball Legend

Brought down foot swelling

They’ve been especially helpful in bringing down the swelling in my left foot. I’ll be testing them out on the beaches, hiking trails out here later this week and answering the questions of many curious onlookers.

Tom Vachet,

Elite Performance Management, Inc.

My favorite footwear!

ZEMgear (provides) the favorite footwear for training myself and my clients. Barefoot is Best!

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