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ZemGear minimalist collection is probably one of the best shoes that will give you the closest ground feedback you want and having the ZEM Traveler is no exception! Most call it the minimalist shoe while others refer to it as more of a sock! Well, whatever you might deem it to be, you can make the most of the durable, roomy toe box that has 6 unique tech bands. It’s perfect for any jetsetter who does not want to lug around heavy, unnecessary rubber shoes or trainers when traveling.

If you want more space in your travelling bag then the ZEM Traveler should be your perfect minimalist shoe. You don’t have to take it off when you pass by airport security. Remember though that you need to remove them on the plane to avoid fit concerns as your feet will expand. You can also do your workout away from home! You can use your hotel’s gym to workout without having to worry about injuring your foot. It also has a gel patch support insole to soothe your feet when you want to.

The ZEM Traveler weighs 2.2 oz. and has soft, stretchable collar and 4-way stretch upper for individual fit for different types of feet. It has patented high-frequency tech bands that grant the wearer stability and secure hold. With protective barefoot outsole and traction lugs, you can guarantee your foot the same safety as you would feel and have with your usual trainers minus the excess bulk and weight. Now that’s more than traveling with style and comfort, it’s traveling with a great workout shoe!

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J.P. I love that it can fit easily in my carry on bag!
Camille No more hassle with airport security! I have all the types of shoes I need with just the Zem Traveler

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