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ZEMgear has already elevated the possibilities of pushing barefoot technology into more than just a pair of shoes that you can slip on for running or walking. ZEM introduces the ZEM Wellness shoes. It features a ninja-type slipper that separates the big toe from the other four digits of the foot. It is almost similar to the ZEM split Toe but with the exception that it can only be used indoors. Think of it as the indoor-only version of the Original Split toe Low.

However, the ZEM Wellness boasts of the same ZEM technology for complete flexibility and grip-ability of your feet. Designed for people who have activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Core Fusion, Power plate and other exercises that entails balancing and requires the importance of foot freedom, ZEM Wellness only weighs around 2.3 oz which makes it great for indoor use. It does lessen the possibility of stubbing your toe or getting a wooden splint into it while working out indoors. It keeps your feet clean and comfortable during workouts.

The ZEM Wellness also has an Outsole with Traction Lugs. These traction lugs will definitely help you get a firmer hold on the surface you are working out on. For Yoga and Pilates that require some unusual poses that you hold for a moment or two, having a good grip on the floor with your feet is very important. The same goes for core training and power plates. You move around a lot and hop, jump and skip. It’s obtaining true barefoot flexibility and balance without sacrificing comfort in anyway.

The Wellness’ 4 way stretch uppers are ideal for every movement and can provide an easy slip on to the foot entry. Most importantly, cleaning the shoe is quite easy! You can either hand wash it or throw it in the washing machine for a quick and thorough clean.

What better way to protect and strengthen your foot and keep you balanced comfortably than having ZEM Wellness shoes!

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ZEM Wellness Testimonials

Jane A minimalist shoe for the indoors? I can definitely work with that!
Camille Sometimes I’m too tired to go to the gym or go out for a run so I do Yoga at home. It’s so nice to know that Zem can provide my foot some protection.

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  1. I just wanted to see if you guys are looking into the possibility of either going with a wider sole, or at least a wider toe box or forefoot on any of your upcoming styles. I cannot wear them due to irritation along my 5th met from the seam. Thanks!


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