ZemGear 360 Black Silver Reflective

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The ZemGear Company has been known as one of the trendsetters in the minimalist footwear with the ZemGear 360 as their feather-light star of their collection. Delivering performance protection for bare feet, ZEM ensures that whoever wears their minimal footwear will have maximum protection and allow the foot to do what they are meant to do. A lot of people love the fact that they can flex and articulate all parts of their foot when wearing them.

The ZemGear 360 is lightweight as it weighs only about 2.5 oz. This makes it the ideal minimalist shoe for runners in every training environment imaginable. With new and innovative tech band design, the 360 offers increased lateral hold and stability while maintaining the signature ZEM forward propulsion with its round toe pattern. Every runner will feel comfortable with the high moldability of all materials used to create the 360 SoulSkins.

ZEM 360 features a high performance phylon outsole, Gecko-Grip rubber pods to deliver traction on surfaces such as wood flooring, work-out mats, treadmills, grass, sand etc… You will also benefit from the unobstructed sensory feedback during most of your activities and of course, have maximal foot freedom!

When you get your pair of Zem 360, allow your feet to warm up to it for at least 5-15 minutes. Once you feel that your foot has embraced the new barefoot feeling, you can now go on your merry way and use your 360 for a good workout, a stroll on the beach or the park, or for a quick run!

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ZemGear 360 Testimonials

Sarah HI Seriously, who doesn’t want to be a ninja while running!?! I love this sock/shoe/whatever it is and am going to buy it now! I usually wear vibrams and I like them well enough, but I’d like something a little more comfortable.
krazygoat If ZEM got rid of the inside seam, got a better sole, and had a way to tension up the heel to prevent the sock from moving around on the foot these would be the ultimate minimal shoe as ground feel is incredible.

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