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ZemGear minimalist collection is probably one of the best shoes that will give you the closest ground feedback you want and Oxygen or O2 is no exception! Most call it the minimalist shoe while others refer to it as more of a sock! Well, whatever you might deem it to be, you can make the most of the durable and non-marking “Green-Grip” recycled rubber outsole that is made for energetic runs along the shore, surfing, kite boarding or if you love going to the gym, for work-outs too.

The O2 pattern is made to deliver a very natural barefoot-feel with the grip-ability that is effective for most athletic activities and surfaces. The shoe has water dispersion channels that can help with slip-resistance on wet surfaces or if you want to take a hike by the water with wet trail. The Zem’s flexible, form-fitting 4-way stretch upper will hold a lot of multiple widths and foot that shapes comfortably around any wearer.

A lot of people like the Zem O2, along with the other shoes in the Zem collection, because of foot freedom. ZEMs shoes provide the ultimate grip while the O2 recycled rubber pods make you experience the best barefoot feeling. It is non-marking, and non-slip. The tech bands also create lateral stability to keep you focused and well balanced while doing various activities.

You can actually get a whole lot of benefits when you wear the O2 from ZemGear. Plus, you get to help reduce the carbon footprint on our planet arising from the use of recycled products as well as in the company’s low-impact production methods. On top of all these, you can also re-condition the natural arch of your feet as well as enhance its strength.

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Zem Comfort Round Toe Low Testimonials

DamonIt takes time to get used to but I like the way it feels on my feet!.
DavidI get a bit awkward while wearing the Zem 02 because it looks like I am wearing only my socks. However, it sure beats lugging heavy shoes!

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